Nature in Cabalango

Unwind and relax

When my wife asked me to take a breath for a few days, I didn’t hesitate a minute, and immediately, I thought of Cabalango: a great place to unwind and relax.
Cabalango is a small village in Cordoba Province, located in the Punilla Valley, in the centre of Argentine.
Los Chorrillos river crosses the village and creates a peaceful atmosphere, and invites you to walk on the banks and relax.

A small village, but a great place

I have been there twice. The first one, in spring, 7 years ago. And I decided to go back this summer, with the aim of enjoying nature, spending time with my family and getting inspiration from the environment to take some pictures.

To go for a weekend to Cabalango isn’t a short trip. Get ready for 8 hours on the car.
Even if there are 750km from Buenos Aires to this town, most of the road is a highway.

We left home very early in the morning and the girls could sleep during the trip. Although we needed to make some stops, the drive was quick.

Below I leave some photos of this quiet place. To take them, I used my old and reliable Nikon d3300 with some different lenses. For the digital processing I used Darktable, a very nice piece of software that enables you to develop RAW images.

Some hours later, we finaly arrived!

My beautifull wife. Look at that happy face!

The river

Los Chorrillos river is a typical mountain river, with a clear and cold water course.
In summer, the temperature in Cordoba can reach 40°C, and putting your feet in the water is a great idea to cool your body off.

Los Chorrillos river
Los Chorrillos river


Although Cabalango has other big cities nearby, like Carlos Paz and Cordoba City, you realize that nature is present everywhere.
Many people go to Punilla valley for bird watching. And there are a great variety of plants and flowers.

Los Chorrillos river
Colourful Flower
A mini spider

Final words

Both times I went to Cabalango, were fun and relaxing.
The environment is great if you like to spend some time watching birds and doing nature Photography.
I’m pretty sure we’ll be back soon.